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Snow Removal Services

1" of wet snow equals 1.66 lbs. per sq. ft. That is a lot of weight on a roof for such a small amount of snow coverage.

When heavy snow puts extreme weight on your roof, it’s vital that you have that snow removed before it can cause structural strain and or damage. Even everyday snowfall can build up to dangerous levels, while freeze and thaw cycles cause problems with your roof that can cause leaks, damage, and inconvenience to your operations.

Accumulation of snow and ice can cause cracks to worsen. When water seeps into even the tiniest cracks or openings this could pose a major issue for your roof. These leaks start to spread throughout your building and overtime the openings can become much more prominent. It is possible for even the smallest of cracks to cause a great deal of damage to your roof and building.

Snow drifts around HVAC units and other roof top equipment can cause performance issues. It is important to have the snow removed from around these penetrations.

Why choose Legacy Roofing for your snow removal needs?

  • Our crews are specifically trained in snow removal techniques following all OSHA guidelines as well as safety precautions that have been put in place by Legacy Roofing

  • We have an extensive network of resources allowing us to handle any size job.

  • We have superior knowledge of exterior structures, such as skylights, HVAC units, penetrations, and much more that could be affected by snow.

  • We use the latest snow removal tools and equipment to avoid damaging the roof area.

“I continue to make Legacy my first referral when someone asks me if I know someone that I trust in the roofing business!”

Blake T. – Dayton, OH

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