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Infrared Scanning

Detect Roof Leaks with Infrared Scanning

Infrared roof scan inspections are an important tool in low-sloped commercial roofing that can save a significant amount in labor and materials for business owners every year.

Legacy Roofing has invested in the latest infrared technology to accurately detect moisture through temperature differentials on the surface of the roof. Infrared analysis is a non-intrusive testing method and can identify areas of saturated insulation with an immediate thermographic image. Some of the benefits include:

  • Identification of a roof that can be recovered instead of replaced
  • Quick and accurate identification of water-damaged areas
  • Accurate leak detection of low-sloped roofs
  • Creation of a more accurate budget based on facts

We look forward to having the opportunity to discuss Thermal Infrared Scanning further and show you the difference in using Legacy Roofing!

“Using the FLIR Thermal Infra-Red Scan we located the areas of heat loss in our complex. This is a large facility and the energy savings will be huge. Well worth the cost!”

Dan B. – Cleveland, OH

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